Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TV Tuesdays

So the Red Sox Game last night was so fun, even though it was rainy. We won in the 9th inning with a homerun :) We got back to my boyfriends pretty late so needless to say I slept in late today.

 Thats us watching the game
 We were pretty close to the players
:) <3

But since today is Tuesday I thought I'd do another TV Tuesday. So I decided to do it on The Voice since its one of my new favorite shows. During the first few episodes the judges aka. Cee Lo, Blake Shelton, Christina Augularia and Adam Levine ( from Maroon 5) sit with their backs turned to the contestents and decide if they like their singing without looking at them. Who ever presses the button to turn around gets the person on their team. However, when more than one person presses the button than the singer gets to pick whose team they would like to be on.

Then in the next few rounds there are battles between the singers, singing the same song and  then their "advisor" one of the judges gets to decide who will stay and who will leave. I have a few favorites who I am rooting for and I hope none of them go home tonight!

 If you watch the show who do you guys want to win? -- comment

I got my computer back today so I will be uploading pictures to previous blogs later on  so be sure to check them out:)



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