Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back From a Weekend Away

So I am back from a girls weekend down the Cape. It was a blast, and there wasn't any drama between 9 girls.
Friday my mother and I woke up early and left but on the way down to Cape Cod we went to The Christmas Tree Shops and got some cute wine glasses among other things. Then we continued our journey to the hotel.  The weekend was full of lots of laughs, drinks, games, jacuzzis, made up words, campfires, but mostly laughing. I had a great time and we are planning to make it an anual thing.

This was the room my mom and I shared at the Bayside Hotel in Yarmouth. The beds were pretty comfy.
 The bar inside the hotel was really cool. There were dollar bills everywhere so we had to do one too!

 We for some reason decided to see how many people we could fit on one bed...clearly it is more than 5
 When we were out shopping we all got shirts that had a martini glass on them that said Yarmouth, they were really cute. So when we came across matching hats we all had to have a photo op.

Fun times in the jacuzzi, we stayed in it until after 11 when they closed.

Tonight I am looking forward to taking a shower, watching my usual Sunday night shows, and relaxing.



Cape Cod is beautiful, I use to drive their during the weekend when I lived in MA. I wonder which hotel this is? It looks familiar, I been to a couple hotels there, and I always enjoy the view from my room.


I love the Cape too! This was Bayside Resort in Yarmouth, it was really nice. Where in MA did you live?

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